Me and Harley Jane Kozak

The other day on Facebook, I noticed that I had a friend request from Harley Jane Kozak. Even if you don’t know who she is, you know who she is — she was Billy Crystal’s ex-wife in When Harry Met Sally, Dr. Suzanne Carter in Necessary Roughness, Susan Buckman in Parenthood. She was in untold episodes of television series (including L.A. Law where I first saw her) and she played opposite Bill Pullman in The Favor, one of my favorite movies.

I had no illusion that Harley Jane Kozak really wanted to be my friend (I was sure her publicity agent or internet guru was the one working the site). Ms. Kozak is a writer now, and like most writers is trying to publicize her books on Facebook. Still, it made me smile to think that the lovely woman with the lovelier hair wanted to be my friend. I left her a message saying I was pleased to meet her, and she responded (or rather her guru did) and that was the end of it.

Until today. Today I noticed that she joined my facebook fan page, and is now a fan of mine.

You gotta love Facebook.