Destiny At Work?

My guest today on Bertram’s Blog is Lazarus Barnhill, author of the wonderful and profound Lacey Took a Holiday and The Medicine People, available from Second Wind Publishing. Laz talks about destiny, which is a perfect topic for his guest appearance there on my blog. We met in November 2007 during an online writing contest (TruTV Search For the Next Great Crime Writer Contest on where we finished consecutively  — 10th and 11th — out of over three hundred entries. Now we are colleagues again — this time at Second Wind Publishing.

I’m not sure I believe in destiny, but it does seem odd to me that more than a year after crossing paths during that contest, we would meet again as fellow authors. Even more interesting, Deborah J. Ledford, author of Staccato, who finished 9th in that contest is also getting published by Second Wind. Deborah’s involvement with Second Wind isn’t coincidental, since she submitted her novel because of my positive experience, but that doesn’t rule out destiny. If there is such a thing.