How Accurate is the Setting of My Novel A Spark of Heavenly Fire?

A couple of readers told me they thought the situation in A Spark of Heavenly Fire was too harsh, that people wouldn’t be treated in a totalitarian manner if a state, such as Colorado, were quarantined to stop the spread of a virulent disease. Oh? Well, to tell the truth (and I’m not sure I want to, since I don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist) I based my scenario on a number of executive orders that had been signed by various presidents, giving FEMA vast control in an emergency.

EO 10995 authorized the suspension of freedom of speech and the commanding of all U.S. communications media.

EO 10997 authorized the takeover of electrical systems and fuel sources.

EO 10998 authorized the government control of food sources, including farms.

EO 10999 authorized the control or confiscation of the nation’s transportation sources, public and private.

EO 11000 gave the government the right to form work brigades of citizens.

EO 11001 provides for the takeover of all health, education, and welfare functions and facilities.

EO 11002 authorized a national registry of the population.

EO 11003 authorized the takeover of all aircraft and airports.

EO 11004 gave the government the mandate to move populations from one area to another.

EO 11005 provided for the government to take over railways, waterways, and public storage facilities.

EO 12148 authorized FEMA to take over the executive functions of the government.

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